31.08.2017 Sergey Karpenko
I recall with pleasure the hot August days when I lived at the Volga Hotel. My single room on the fifth floor, perhaps someone would consider it small, but it is furnished rationally and comfortably. Air conditioning, fridge and TV are working smoothly. The cleaning is thorough and conscientious; towels are changed daily. In the hall and corridor - cleanliness and order. Buffet breakfast on the second floor - varied and plentiful; during the day in the buffet you can have lunch and dinner inexpensively; they cook deliciously, each day they have their own menu. The elevator is fast and silent; however, I myself preferred a wide staircase. All the staff - maids, buffet workers, girls administrators on the ground floor, security doormans - are polite, helpful, always ready to help. In general, the atmosphere is calm, quiet, friendly. Recent good repairs have given Volga's strong brick walls lightness and grace, while preserving its former, still Soviet times, solidity and respectability. I wish the Volga and its team all the best!
14.02.2016 Natalya Alexandrovna
The hotel is really conveniently located, there is a convenience store nearby, there is excellent parking for transport, and in the cafe on the second floor you can be surprised by excellent and deliciously prepared dishes. The interior was also somewhat pleased, with a seemingly not large hall space, the furniture was selected with taste and there were no complaints about quality. The staff at the reception is very friendly, they will always promptly and efficiently provide any help. I am especially glad that the girls are fluent in English. I will recommend this hotel to my magnificent friend, who will soon come with his family from the UK. And I will definitely stay here during my visits to the Ulyanovsk Region.